Paint Repair

Paint Repair

Our down draft paint spray booths provide a cleaner, safer and functionally optimized workplace. They control over-spray efficiently and reduce prep time significantly.This booth takes in fresh air from the cleaner upper levels of the shop, through a filter bank in the booth ceiling. The filtered air is drawn down and away from the vehicle through exhaust filters in the pit located in the floor. The booth is equipped with an air replacement unit and cure cycles to meet your requirements and it is a drive-through designs. The booth is pressurized with a heated air makeup unit and is the industry-leading light levels Col-Met Spray Booths comply with all applicable OSHA and NFPA regulations.

Modern car paint technologies like waterborne basecoat or high solids coatings from Standox or the new Standoflash UV Filler are economical, environment-friendly and achieve optimum quality.The practical and progressive paint systems from Standox are particularly economical in that they save valuable working time. Advanced Standox basecoat accelerates the entire paint process with faster drying and better coverage. The business operates more efficiently, its employees achieve top-quality refinishes, and customers are highly satisfied with the price and the paintshop’s work.

Body Repair

Body Repair

Screech…crash! Uh, oh-someone better call the auto body shop. Skilled auto body repair technicians at Perri’s will be ready to receive your poor damaged car and work on it to make it look like new again, no dent or scrape is too much for Perri’s to take care including straighten out bent automobile frames, smooth out dents, and replace any parts that are too crumpled to be fixed.

Glass Replacement

services-windowGlass Replacement

Jason our glass tech has over 25 years of experience and is NGA (national glass association) certified, we can use OEM (original equipment manufacture) or PPG (after market windshields). These are adhered urethane and primers of the finest quality. All glass repair is done in a controlled environment meaning it will not be exposed to the elements of weather which can cause the glass to not adhere correctly. We can take care of all your glass repairs from a completely new windshield to a rock chip repair can be taken care of here at Perri’s.

Mechanical Repair

services-mechanicalMechanical Repair

Our large facility features the best equipment on the market to help our specialists provide you with fast, high-quality auto body repair services. We easily restore your car back to precise factory specifications. Our goal is returning your vehicle to a safe operating condition and making it look just as good as it did the day you bought it.

Frame & Structural Repair

services-frameFrame & Structural Repair

Auto body technicians must first realign the frame of a car after a collision. After a successful realignment, the technician can go about replacing or repairing the damaged body structure. Some minor dents can be corrected by banging from the other side of the section with a hammer or anvil, while other more serious dents must be removed entirely and replaced by welding in a new body section.



The three main components of exterior car detailing are cleaning, polishing, and protecting. We want you to leave Perri’ with a sigh of relief and the feeling of a fresh new car after the headache of an accident.